Every academic year, Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research (KISSR) calls for research proposals for co-funding your research projects. Those researchers (PhD, Master, and Bachelor degree holders) who is currently working on research projects/ or have proposals in need of submission are eligible to apply for the fund.

Procedure for your Application

  1. You need electronically fill out the attached forms (Only after you have read the requirement section), and submit four copies of the completed forms, to one of the members of the scientific committee;
  2. After four copies of all the sections of the form are submitted, the researcher(s) could be called in person to explain his/her proposed research project to the committee.
  3. Then the forms will need to be taken by the researcher to the legal representative of KISSR to be signed. The researcher will then take the forms to the finance department to be given a project number and recorded.
  4. Finally, after the deadline, the scientific committee will meet again to evaluate all the research proposals according to a four-point priority list.
  5. The research projects are prioritized (the four-point priority list) as follows: current KISSR projects, research projects co-funded by local and/or international donors, research projects for the Ministries of KRG, such as the Ministry of Planning, and urgent projects: you may be asked by KISSR to conduct research project on current outbreak. For instance, the coronavirus is an up-to-date trend in the research community.
  6. Please consider that your research project should serve both local and research communities.

Application Forms

  Research Proposal Form (English)
  Research Proposal Form (Kurdish and Arabic)
  Project Budget Distribution
  Research Project Gantt Chart

Call for Applications

Currently, the call for applications is closed.