The Local and International Relations Office (LIRO) arranges, develops, and manages relationships, twining and collaborations with the local and foreign universities and institutions in order to cooperate with us in scientific and academic areas, such as cutting-edge researches together, organizing joint conferences and events together.

The Local and International Relations Office (LIRO) of KISSR manages the growing links of the institution with the external academic world and its increasingly influential participation in local, regional and international. The office seeks to work with KISSR’s different research centers, directorates, and departments in order to strengthen the institution’s position locally, regionally and internationally by contributing to the development of academic partnerships with regional and global institution programs, creating jobs, supporting exchange programs, and by participating in international academic activities and conferences.


The Local and International Relations Office (LIRO) has as mission to develop supporting academic ties between KISSR and key external circles, in support of the university’s goal and vision to establish fruitful long-term partnerships that enhance the university’s global presence, significance and prominence.

To foster joint scientific research and to facilitate academic and student exchanges, KISSR has developed joint academic ties with regional and international higher education institutions, while promoting the involvement of faculty members in curricula growth, academic programs and projects. Via cooperation agreements, understanding memoranda and membership in various programmes, including TIGRIS, the institution has developed academic links with various European and international universities. It also participates in a number of European Union-sponsored programs ( e.g. Erasmus +) in which it competes with scientific and academic development grants.

Duties and Responsibilities

Developing strategic academic international relations and developing an action plan.
To foster academic ties between the various university units and local, regional, and foreign academic institutions.
Support KISSR ‘s efforts to identify, build, and maintain collaborative relationships that improve academic cooperation with institutions worldwide.
Call and maintain external ties for the trade, grants, and fellowships of teachers and students.
Contribute to the development and support of academic and student staff members in the fields of exchange, academic development, student grants, and bursaries.
Contribute to partnership agreements or memoranda of understanding at local, national, and global levels between the universities and their peers.
Contributing to the university’s participation in external academic activities in order to improve its position.
Support and promote comprehensive mobility initiatives for students and exchange programs with partner academic institutions.
Identify external meetings, gatherings, and conferences for faculty and students and invite them to become KISSR ambassadors.
Implement an action plan to raise awareness about the position of the institution’s Local and International Relations Office.

Score of Work

  • Memorandum of Understanding and Academic Agreements
  • Exchange and mobility, such as Erasmus + KA107 Staff Mobility
  • Scholarships programs and Faculty development
  • Fund-raising and development projects, such as TIGIRS project
  • Media and outreach
  • Academic delegations and visits
  • Representation of KISSR at organized academic events

Related Projects

  • Erasmus+ Transfer of Good practices & Reinforcement of Internationalisation Strategies in Kurdistan (TIGRIS)
  • Erasmus+ Key Action 107 Mobility Program between KISSR and the University of Göttingen, Germany
  • Everlasting War in Halabja Province

KISSR Internationalization Strategy 2020 – 2024

Under the framework of the TIGRIS Project, Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research has finalized its internationalization strategy developed. This strategy was officially adopted on 29.08.2019.

  Internationalization Strategy of the Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research (KISSR) for 2020-2024
  Action Plan for the Implementation of Internationali-sation Strategy 2020-2024
  Quality Plan for the Implementation of Internationali-sation Strategy 2020-2024
  KISSR Time Plan for Implemention of Internationalisation Strategy 2020-2024

Key Staff Members

  • Bryar Hassan (MSc Eng. -UK, PhD/Doctoral Researcher)
  • Aram Ahmed (MSc Eng. – UK, PhD/Doctoral Researcher)
  • Shagull Ali (MSc – Cyprus)
  • Shagull Mahmod (MSc – USA)
  • Shkar Hama Noori