Quality assurance of one of the important criteria for evaluating the academic staffs in Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research (KISSR). According to the rules of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – KRG issued in 2014. For every academic year, the academic staffs in Kurdistan Institution (assistant lecturers, lecturers, assistant professors, and professors) should achieve the below criteria:

  • Lecturing students (undergraduate or postgraduate) at the Universities or Institutes with a sufficient score of the students’ feedback;
  • Teach training courses to the employees of the ministries of Kurdistan Regional Government;
  • Conducting a research project and therefore publishing at least one research paper in an impact factor journal;
  • Giving at least four presentations or seminars, or participating at least four workshops or conferences.

In addition, the assistant researchers/lab assistant (bachelor holders) should work at the laboratories at least 30 hours per week to help the academic staffs to conduct their research works.